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"He is not an asshole - at least on the talent scale." -Listen Iowa

"...the epic song lengths, the complex structures, the theatrical elements, the unexpected detours... No three-chord pop ditties here."
-Andy Vineberg, The Intelligencer

"Strong songwriting sits at the heart of this complex, emotional and ambitious endeavor... Rausch refuses to get stuck in a style and plough anyone's furrow."
Andrew Cottrell, Background Magazine

"stop reading and buy this magnificent 'Book II.'" 
-Hans van Peppen, Headbangers Lifestyle

"Bombastic, theatrical, subdued, adventurous, intense... what an outstanding piece of art this is."
Jon Neudorf, Sea of Tranquility

"Rausch embraces an all-consuming, expansive scope on the theatrical fury of 'BOOK II.'"
-Jeremy Vaughn, Skope Magazine

"the most apparent display of RAUSCH's excellence are the vocals of Doug Rausch... a sonic buffet"
Jacob Aiden, Jamsphere Magazine

"...a composer and musician of great depth and quality... you'll listen... over and over again, discovering new layers each time." 
-Mark Boardman, Sonic Perspectives

"Deliciously amazing Pocket-Symphonies... Highly recommended."
Jerry Lucky, jerrylucky.com

"a real powerhouse."
Gary Hill, Music Street Journal