in E (M7#5)

By Doug Rausch 

4/4    ♩= 77 


It all falls apart
It all strips away
When you take out the heart
Nothing matters anyway 

There’s no hope anymore
There is no reason to believe
When you only trust yourself
For your life you begin to grieve 

Look what it’s done
It’s done nothing at all
Near suicide
Have yet to fall
Somehow I’m still here
Dangling by a string
But take away my music
I don’t care about anything 

Now I see things
For what they really are
The apathy it brings
How do you answer... how you are 

I got nothing left
I turn in towards myself
No one’s really real
No one really cares 

You’re searching for something
That simply can’t exist
And it gets you down
Surely there’s got to be more to life than this 

Should I go
Tell me is it worth it
So what now
Should I stay